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Joern Novotny Novo Lighting

Joern Christian Novotny


Joern Christian Novotny started working in the film industry in Germany in 1997 and has been working in his profession as a freelance Lighting Technician for Film & TV productions (including music videos, commercials and photoshoots) since 1998.
He can be hired for every film & photo production within British Columbia through his full membership in both film unions IATSE local 891 and ACFC West. Apart from operating with general film lights he additionally was trained to work as an Lighting Balloon Technician.

Phone: +1 778 838 0461

Dylan Paul


Dylan Paul has experience as Set lighting, BalloonTechnician, Rigging Electric and has worked on Short Films, Feature Films, Music Videos and corporate shoots. He has also worked in an Equipment Rental house for 10 years. He has a large array of professional skills that are perfectly suited for the film industry. Since he has got into the film business he has come to realize he has finally found a job he truly loves. His colleagues call him natural and he looks forward to working with you in the future.

Phone: +1 778 838 0467