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IlistaraLogo FASF Production manufactors the ”Ilistara“ product line a modern, robust and powerful version of the traditional chinese lantern.
The lamp body is made of aluminum and steel. The diffusion textile of the ball is unflameable according to B1 industrial needs.
The soft-light quality satisfies a wide range of needs and has a very high output. The ”Ilistara“ is simple, light-weight, easy to set up and controlable.
After a year of extensive field testing the ”Ilistara“ 6kW ball made its debut in 2008. The light meets the requirements and the needs of industrial film making.
”Ilistaras“ credit list is already substantial. The 6kW ball is on the equipment list of many well-known photographers and key gaffers.
The product line comprises the 6kW version, a 3kW version and soon the first LED Daylight Version.